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Yán'ān Shì
延安 市
Yan'an (China)
Coordinates 36 ° 35 '  N , 109 ° 29'  E Coordinates: 36 ° 35 '  N , 109 ° 29'  E
Location of Yan'an within ShaanxiLocation of Yan'an within Shaanxi
Basic data
Country People's Republic of China


surface 37,031 km²
Residents 2,252,800 (2016)
density 60.8  Ew. / km²
Website www.yanan.gov.cn
View over Yan'an, photo taken in 2007
View over Yan'an, photo taken in 2007

Yan'an ( Chinese  延安 市 , Pinyin Yán'ān Shì , W.-G. Yen-an ) is a district-free city in the north of Shaanxi Province on the Yellow River .


It administers a territory of 37,031.3 square kilometers, which has an east-west extension of 258 kilometers and a north-south extension of 239 kilometers. Yan'an is located 371 kilometers north of the provincial capital Xi'an .

Yan'an lies on the Loess Plateau, its relief sloping from the northwest to the southeast. The urban area is at an altitude of 960 meters, the area administered by Yan'an is between 388 meters and 1809 meters above sea level. The climate is continental and dry with large temperature differences between winter and summer and day and night. The annual average temperature is between 7.7 ° C and 10.6 ° C with 170 frost-free days per year. Yan'an receives between 490 and 660 millimeters of precipitation per year, but 2300 to 2700 hours of sunshine per year.


In 2012, Yan'an had a total population of 2,198,100 people and a registered population of 2,354,100 people. The 2000 population census showed a total population of 2,016,787 people in 527,297 households, 1,057,229 men and 959,558 women.


The conference hall can be rented by tourists

Yan'an was the target of the Long March in 1935 and then until 1948 the political and military base of the Chinese Communist Party . In addition, until 1945, Yan'an was also an important base for Korean communists in exile, who moved from here to North Korea after the end of World War II , where a communist regime was installed by the Soviets . The headquarters of the communist leadership is on the list of monuments of the People's Republic of China .

On April 11, 1946, Pope Pius XII. the Roman Catholic Apostolic Vicariate Yan'an, which was established on October 15, 1696 as the Apostolic Vicariate Shaanxi, elevated to the diocese of Yan'an . The bishopric was orphaned from 1972 to 2018.


Mainly wheat is grown on loess soil .

Administrative structure

At the county level, Yan'an is made up of two boroughs, one city and ten counties. These are:

The seat of the Yan'an government is located in Baota District.


The Ten Thousand Buddha Cave and the Tied Pagoda on Qingliangshan from the time of the Song , Yuan and Ming dynasties are located in the Baota district and are on the list of monuments of the People's Republic of China .

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