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The list of ISO-3166-2 codes for the People's Republic of China contains the codes for the 34 administrative units.

The codes consist of two parts separated by a hyphen. The first part gives the country code according to ISO 3166-1 (for the People's Republic of China CN), the second the code for the administrative unit.

The current country code was last updated on November 2017.

The current codes are available on the ISO website under #iso: code: 3166: CN . The Chinese administrative units are divided into:

  • 23 provinces ( sheng )
  • 5 autonomous areas ( zizhiqu )
  • 4 cities directly under the government ( shi )
  • 2 special administrative regions ( tebie xingzhengqu )

The entries are listed in pinyin without diacritics .

Coding list


China administrative (German) .png
province code
Anhui CN-AH
Fujian CN-FJ
Gansu CN-GS
Guangdong CN-GD
Guizhou CN-GZ
Hainan CN-HI
Hebei CN-HE
Heilongjiang CN-HL
Henan CN-HA
Hubei CN-HB
Hunan CN-HN
Jiangsu CN-JS
Jiangxi CN-JX
Jilin CN-JL
Liaoning CN-LN
Qinghai CN-QH
Shaanxi CN-SN
Shandong CN-SD
Shanxi CN-SX
Sichuan CN-SC
Taiwan ( 1 ) CN-TW
Yunnan CN-YN
Zhejiang CN-ZJ
1 not under the administration of the People's Republic of China; see also ISO 3166-2: TW

Autonomous areas

area code
Guangxi CN-GX
Nei Mongol ( 2 ) CN-NM
Ningxia CN-NX
Tibet CN-XZ
Xinjiang CN-XJ
2 Formerly Neimenggu

Government immediate cities

city code
Beijing CN-BJ
Chongqing CN-CQ
Shanghai CN-SH
Tianjin CN-TJ

Special administrative regions

Zone code
Xianggang ( 3 ) CN-HK
Flavors ( 4 ) CN-MO
3 Formerly Hong Kong ; see also ISO 3166-2: HK
4 Formerly Macau ; see also ISO 3166-2: MO

See also

  • ISO 3166-2 , country code reference table.
  • ISO 3166-1 , reference table of country codes as used in domain names.

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