ISO 3166-2: SY

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The list of ISO-3166-2 codes for Syria contains the codes for the 14 governorates of Syria.

The codes consist of two parts separated by a hyphen. The first part gives the country code according to ISO 3166-1 (for Syria SY), the second the code for the governorate.

The current country code has not been updated since it was published in 1998.

The current codes are available on the ISO website under #iso: code: 3166: SY .

Governorates in Syria
Governorate code
al-Hasakah SY-HA
Aleppo SY-HL
ar-Raqqa SY-RA
as-Suwaida SY-SU
Deir ez-Zor SY-DY
Damascus SY-DI
Dar'a SY-DR
Hama SY-HM
Homs SY-HI
Idlib SY ID
Latakia SY-LA
Quneitra SY-QU
Rif Dimashq SY-RD
Tartus SY-TA

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