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The list of ISO-3166-2 codes for Iran contains the codes for the 31 provinces .

The codes consist of two parts separated by a hyphen. The first part gives the country code according to ISO 3166-1 (for Iran IR), the second the code for the province.

The current country code was last updated in December 2014.

The provinces received two-digit numbers 01up to 32, whereby that is 09not assigned.

In the second newsletter (ISO 3166-2: 2002-05-21) of the ISO two new provinces were added and the names of two provinces corrected. In the eighth Newsletter (ISO 3166-2: 2007-04-17) the old province was Khorasan in the three provinces of North Khorasan , South Khorasan Province and Razavi Khorasan Province divided. The province of Alborz was assigned a code in October 2014.

Provinces in Iran
province code
Alborz IR-32
Ardabil IR-03
Bushehr IR-06
Chuzestan IR-10
Esfahan IR-04
Fars IR-14
Gilan IR-19
Golestan IR-27
Hamadan IR-24
Hormozgan IR-23
Ilam IR-05
Kerman IR-15
Kermanshah IR-17
Kohgiluye and Boyer Ahmad IR-18
Kordestān IR-16
Lorestan IR-20
Markazi IR-22
Mazandaran IR-21
North Khorasan IR-31
East Azerbaijan IR-01
Qazvin IR-28
Qom IR-26
Razavi Khorasan IR-30
Semnan IR-12
Sistan and Balochistan IR-13
South Khorasan IR-29
Tehran IR-07
Tschahār Mahāl and Bakhtiyāri IR-08
West Azerbaijan IR-02
Yazd IR-25
Zanjan IR-11

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