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Overview map of the administrative structure of Iran
Administrative districts

The administrative structure of Iran takes place in four sub-levels.


The four levels are:

  • The Iran is present in 31 provinces , the Ostan s ( Persian استان ostān , plural ostānhā /استان‌ها) are called divided. Each provincial administration has a governor, the Ostandar (استاندار ostāndār ) is called before. This is appointed by the Interior Minister with the approval of the Cabinet. See: List of Provinces of Iran .
  • The provinces are further subdivided into administrative districts, the Shahrestan (شهرستان/ schahrestān , pluralشهرستان‌ها/ schahrestānhā ).
  • The administrative districts are in turn divided into districts, the Bachschs ( bachsch /بخش, Plural بخش‌ها/ bachschhā ) are divided.
  • The circles are in cities ( Schahr /شهر) and (rural) communities that dehestan /دهستان/ dehestān , divided.

In 2006 there were 30 Ostans , 336 Schahrestans , 889 Bachschs , 1016 Schahrs and 2400 Dehestans in Iran . On June 23, 2010, Alborz Province was established by separating part of Tehran Province .

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