State Council (Thuringia)

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The State Council in the state of Thuringia , founded in 1920, was a consultative organ in the political system of Thuringia .


By the Reich Law of April 30, 1920 (RGBl. I p. 841), the seven people or free states in Thuringia, excluding the Coburg area , were united on May 1, 1920 to form the State of Thuringia . According to the Thuringian state constitution of March 21, 1921, representatives of the former states should be represented in the State Council. The members of the State Council held the title State Council and, as ministers without portfolio, were members of the state government. The state council was elected by the state parliament. The representatives should "be particularly [familiar] with the conditions of the former state". The body created by Article 71 of the state constitution should only exist for a period of 15 years and ensure that the individual sub-states grow together to form the new state of Thuringia.

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