Street green village

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The Dorfstrasse (today Alt-Tempelhof) in 1834;
Map south

A street village is a special form of street village . In contrast to an anger village , the anger here is essentially an elongated green area in the middle of the street of the village, with parallel sides. The green strip is so narrow that it had to be left without the village church and village smithy typical of Angerdörfer. Sometimes there are small ponds, but they are smaller than the often occurring village pond on a village green. Road traffic runs on both sides of the green belt. An easily understandable example can be found in Alt-Tempelhof , where the green median can still be seen today.

A classic street village does not have such a green median. Therefore the village street is not that wide there.

This type of village can be found in Saxony , Brandenburg , Pomerania , Transylvania and East Prussia .