Ch'ŏngjin tram

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Ch'ŏngjin tram
Basic information
Country North Korea
city Ch'ŏngjin
opening July 2, 1999
Route length 13 km
Gauge 1435 mm ( standard gauge )
Depots 1
Lines 1
Line length 13 km

The Ch'ŏngjin tram is the tram system of the North Korean city ​​of Ch'ŏngjin and is the second in the country after the Pyongyang tram . Together with the Ch'ŏngjin trolleybus, it covers most of the city's local public transport.


Regular operations on Ch'spngjin's standard-gauge line, which is the only one to date , began on July 2, 1999. It was initially six kilometers long and was extended by seven kilometers in the first stage. In a second expansion stage, the system is to be extended by a further eight kilometers, but this has so far failed due to a lack of funds. In addition, the operation of the existing route cannot always be maintained due to a lack of electricity. There is a depot .

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