Tram of the city of Herne

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The tram in the city of Herne was operated by the city of Herne from 1908 to 1912.

On April 1, 1907, the spin-off from the Gelsenkirchen district resulted in the independent city of Herne, which also included the communities of Baukau and Horsthausen.

The Herne-Sodingen tram intended to build a route from Herne to Gerthe as early as 1906 and received a permit from the city of Herne in the same year. However, the route remained in the possession of the city and the Herne-Sodingen tram was supposed to operate it. The first part of the line was then put into operation on October 21, 1908.

Since the municipality of Gerthe itself was involved in the Bochum-Castroper tram , the approval for construction on their area was delayed, so that this section was not put into operation until December 22, 1910. The tram of the city of Herne was integrated into the Westphalian tram on May 15, 1912 , as Herne became a co-partner.


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