Dean of Studies

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A dean is often at universities decorated in Germany Office for relieving the dean . The Dean of Studies is responsible for matters relating to teaching and studies . Often the deputy dean, the so-called vice dean, is also the dean of studies. If the dean of studies has his own office, the professors of a faculty elect this from among their number, usually for a period of two to four years.

Formally, the dean of studies, like the dean and vice dean, is entitled to the respectful formal address “Your spectability” (from Latin spectabilitas , “venerable”). However, this is only used on highly official occasions.

The dean of studies can have the following tasks (example from a faculty regulation):

  • He works to ensure that the courses on offer comply with the examination and study regulations, that the course can be carried out properly within the standard period of study and that the students are adequately supervised.
  • He is responsible for evaluating teaching, including student assessments.
  • He or she reports to the faculty and the university management at least once a semester about his or her work and prepares a teaching report (teaching report).
  • He submits proposals to the dean for the use of the budget available for teaching.
  • He can comment on the pedagogical suitability of applicants in appointment procedures.