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Syncretism generally means the mixing of different religions, denominations or philosophical views. The expression goes back to the Cretans ( Greek syn 'together'; Krethi 'Cretans') who stopped their mutual disputes in the event of a foreign attack in order to face the enemy with united forces.

A follower of syncretism is called a syncretist , the associated adjective is syncretistic .

  • Syncretism , the amalgamation of religious ideas, philosophies or cultural forms into new forms or systems
  • Syncretism (Egyptology) , amalgamation of two or three gods of similar character to form a unified new god
  • Syncretism (linguistics) , identical inflectional morphemes of a paradigm with different features
  • Syncretism (religious studies) , religious studies technical term used to describe the connection and mixing of religions or religious traditions
  • Genre syncretism (literary syncretism), the symbiosis of features of different genres in one and the same work. The term eclecticism is often used in the field of fine arts and architecture .

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