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Syncretism describes the synthesis of ideas or philosophies into a new system or worldview . The term is particularly used in religious studies , but also in linguistics and literary studies .

In ethnological contexts with cultural change , the term syncretism is sometimes used for the amalgamation of other cultural elements into new forms.

Syncretism must not be confused with the form of rule or state constitution of syncracy .

Religious studies

In religious studies, syncretism describes a mixture of religions and religious customs. The prerequisite is that the ideas or philosophies concerned were previously delimited from one another in terms of content and that they, as religious-philosophical aspects , dispense with an absolute claim . Rather, syncretism takes on the aspects of different religions more or less consciously and shapes them into something new. In addition to the resulting syncretistic religions, there are forms of syncretism in popular religious cults.


In linguistics , syncretism describes the coincidence of diffraction forms.

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