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Various tees

A T-piece is a connecting link that in most cases enables a branch to be made to an existing connection. T-pieces are available for supporting structures, for pipe and hose connections and for various data transmission cables.

Pipe and hose connections

The T-piece represents a basic element in the entire technology for gas and liquid pipeline systems. It is an inexpensive and simple option to move to additional directions or to connect additional consumers. In heating construction, for example, individual apartments or consumers are connected to the risers for flow and return using T-pieces. There is the possibility of executing the branching line in the same or in a different (mostly smaller) diameter.

In chemical laboratories, T-pieces made of glass are used, which are manufactured from glass tubes.

Data transfer

A BNC tee

The tee is a fundamental link in Ethernet - networks of the original bus technology, the EAD cable uses as the transfer medium. The tee is in a set severed thick - or thin Ethernet inserted cable and provides the only valid docking point for a transponder is that the network card connects or another network device with the Ethernet. Either two network cables that connect to the next network device or just one cable and a so-called terminator , which forms the physical end of the network bus, are attached to the two "upper" connections .

Self-terminating T-pieces already have a terminator built in. However, this is only active if no cable is connected - but not if a cable is connected that is torn or not connected to another transponder.

Tee as a metaphor

The operation of tea

The way a T-piece works is well suited for metaphorical use in entirely different contexts. Under Unix-like operating systems, for example, the tee command can be used to output data as well as to redirect it to a file. The name is derived directly from the appearance of the stream history diagram.


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