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developer Digital Equipment Corporation
License (s) proprietary
Current  version 7.04 (July 1988)
Architecture (s) PDP-10
Others Development stopped

TOPS-10 ( T imesharing / T otal Op erating S ystem -10 ) was an interactive multi-user - the operating system the company Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) for products manufactured also by DEC PDP-6 and PDP-10 machines.

The first version of TOPS-10 was version 1.4, which was introduced in 1964. Since version 2.18, which was available from 1967, TOPS-10 also supported the PDP-10.

With the TOPS-10 version 7.0 and higher, presented in 1972, several PDP-10 computers could be connected to symmetrical multiprocessor systems of up to 8 computers, which guaranteed uninterrupted operation despite possible hardware or software failures.

The last version of TOPS-10 is version 7.04 from July 1988.

The TOPS-20 , available from 1976 onwards, has little in common with the TOPS-10 apart from the similarity of its name. It was newly developed on the basis of the TENEX operating system .


  • Gary Kildall developed his operating system CP / M in an emulator for the Intel 8080 under TOPS-10 .
  • TOPS-10 contained several Easter Eggs , one of which was the following: if you typed MAKE LOVE , did TOPS-10 return Not War? back.
  • Bill Gates also worked on TOPS-10 during his student days.

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