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The day of the garden is since 1984 on the second Sunday in June in Germany celebrated and to the importance of the garden - and especially the small garden - back into the public consciousness. It was brought into being in 1984 by the then President of the Bundesverband Deutscher Gartenfreunde e. V. (BDG), Hans Stephan, "to bring the joy of a garden and nature closer to the general public."

The organizers are the BDG, affiliated regional associations and the sub-organizations at district, district and municipal level. The aim is to bring the joy of the garden closer to the public as well as to point out the importance of gardens for mental and physical well-being. In addition, the day is intended to draw attention to the urban, ecological and social importance of allotment gardens.

With a different motto every year, numerous events take place throughout Germany on this day and many allotment gardens open their gates to the interested public:

  • 2020: "Allotments - green that connects!"
  • 2016: "We're making cities greener"
  • 2014: "150 years - and not a bit old-fashioned".

Earlier mottos included "Small gardens make cities greener" (2013), "Small paradises" (2012), "Small garden adventure" (2011) and "Lust for gardening" (2010). The Garden Day should not be confused with the “ Open Garden Day ” at the end of June.

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