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Tanztendenz München is an association of choreographers that offers rehearsal rooms and an infrastructure for contemporary dance art. Their offer includes a dance center, workshops, tasting and a dance calendar. The palette ranges from dance theater to choreography and improvisation, new dance or butoh to installations and dance videos.


The choreographers' association Tanztendenz München e. V. was founded in 1987 on the initiative of the cultural department of the City of Munich and the contemporary choreographers Jessica Iwanson , Angelika Meindl, Micha Purucker, Birgitta Trommler and Bonger Voges. The aim was to acquire municipal funding for the construction of a sample and production center.

The initiative became a model nationwide for the creation of so-called dance houses. In the following years, the number of independent choreographers in Munich grew due to the influx and graduates of the Munich-based Iwanson School for contemporary dance education . New members were accepted into the dance trend and the number of rehearsal rooms increased through municipal subsidies. With the number of members, the demands of the choreographers on the organizational support of the association grew.

A full-time managing director and a secretariat initially took on public relations and production support. From 1994 the association organized the series tasting and from 1995 it published the dance calendar , which is still published today . At the beginning of 2000 the association began to network with comparable initiatives outside Germany and became internationally active with events such as TransAlpin , Internationales Choreographenatelier , or Bro (bru :) . Tanztendenz München is also the venue for the international Tanzwerkstatt Europa festival .


Tanztendenz München has been operating the Schwere Reiter venue since 2008 in cooperation with partners from music (Kunstbahnsteig) and theater (pathos transport) .

Tanztendenz München now also looks after non-members and choreographers who are only temporarily staying in Munich. It sees itself as a contact point and representation of interests of the professional choreographic scene in Munich.

The Tanztendenz is a registered association and is sponsored by the state capital Munich.

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