Tate strip bagler

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Tate strip bagler
Subclass : Marsupials (Marsupialia)
Superordinate : Australidelphia
Order : Diprotodontia
Family : Glide pouches (Petauridae)
Genre : Striped bagler ( Dactylopsila )
Type : Tate strip bagler
Scientific name
Dactylopsila file
Laurie , 1952
Location of Fergusson Island in the southeast of Papua New Guinea
In the yellow circle, the distribution area of ​​the Tate striped bag on Fergusson Island

The Tate striped pouch ( Dactylopsila tatei ), also known as the Fergusson striped pouch, is a species of glide pouch (Petauridae) that only occurs on Fergusson Island in southeast Papua New Guinea .


The Tate striped bag reaches a head body length of 21 to 27 cm, has a 26 to 29 cm long tail and reaches a weight of about 250 g. The fur is whitish to light gray. Three dark brown to black stripes run down the back. Like the long-fingered striped bagler ( Dactylopsila palpator ), the Tate striped bagler has a relatively short, black tail with a white tip. The fourth finger, which is greatly elongated on the long-finger striped bag, is of normal length on the Tate striped bag.

Habitat and way of life

So far, the Tate striped bag has only been found in the west of its home island in a tropical mountain rainforest at heights of 600 to 1000 meters. It is nocturnal, arboreal and feeds mainly on fruits and insects. The animals spend the day in nests made of dry leaves in tree hollows. Details about behavior and reproduction are not known.


The IUCN classifies the Tate dactylopsila as endangered ( Endangered on). The reason is the rarity of the animals and the less than 200 km² small distribution area. After the first description in 1952, only a few other specimens were found. It is uncertain whether the species is also found in other areas of the island.

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