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A conference call (short Telco or PBX ; English audio conference , AC ) is a switching-oriented management feature with additional features beyond that of a simple three-way conference go. Unlike a three-way conference, which does not necessarily need a conference call, conference calls rely on such.


The world's first conference call took place on December 4, 1928, during a board meeting between the cable manufacturer Felten & Guilleaume in Cologne , Berlin and Munich . The three locations were connected by remote cable lines.


Telephone conferences offer additional service features , which is why they are often used instead of a three-party conference. Such service features can be:

  • Convening of additional participants (English add-on conference )
  • Independent dial-in of participants (English dial-in conference )
  • Convening conference participants using a list ( Preset conference )
  • Play in announcements
  • Assignment of moderator functions and the authorization to transfer them to other participants
  • Possibility of side conferences
  • N-speaker (English n-loudest ): switches through only the loudest speakers (n = 1, 2, 3, ...)

Depending on the type of conference call, three to ten or more participants can be linked together in a conference call. Some providers even provide virtual conference rooms for several hundred participants. For security reasons, conference rooms are usually provided with an access PIN, which the invited participants receive. After registering for a conference for the first time, the data remain valid with most providers and you can dial in unlimitedly without having to reserve an appointment each time or register the conference again. The access data are reusable.

Telephone conferences are becoming more and more important , primarily due to the increasing popularity of digital telephony such as ISDN , mobile communications and, above all, IP telephony .

In the international financial markets , the term conference call or dial-in conference is used as a name for a special form of telephone conference with independent dial-in of participants, usually so-called "Question & Answer" conferences (Q&A). It plays an important practical role in informing investors and analysts .

All large and many smaller telecommunications providers now offer conference calls. Web conferences offer extended options beyond telephone conferences , in which a browser-based console can be seen, on which the currently registered participants can be identified. Moderator functions allow, for example, to switch them out loud or explicitly give them the floor. Application sharing is also known here , i.e. the possibility of sharing your screen and applications with other participants during the conference and thus being able to present presentations, for example. A video conference is an advanced form of a conference call.

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