Thuringian local authority

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Basic data
Title: Thuringian municipal and district regulations
Short title: Thuringian local authority
Abbreviation: ThürKO
Type: State Law
Scope: Free State of Thuringia
Legal matter: Local law
Original version from: August 16, 1993
(GVBl. P. 501)
Entry into force on:
Last revision from: January 28, 2003
(GVBl. P. 41)
Entry into force of the
new version on:
December 31, 2002
Last change by: March 20, 2014
(GVBl. Pp. 82, 83)
Please note the note on the applicable legal version.

The Thuringian municipality and district regulation (in short: Thuringian municipal regulation - ThürKO) is the law regulating the municipal law of the Free State of Thuringia . It regulates the legal status of the municipalities and districts of Thuringia. The division of municipalities into districts or rural municipalities into localities and the grouping of municipalities into administrative communities is also regulated. Accordingly, it is divided into the municipal code (first part, sections 1 to 85), the district code (second part, sections 86–115) and common provisions (third part, sections 116–132). The law came into force in 1994 and was republished in 1998 and 2003. When it came into force, it replaced the GDR's municipal constitution in Thuringia .

The amendment to the municipal regulations by the preliminary law in July 2016 was declared null and void in 2017.

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