Thuringian State Mining Authority

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The Thuringian State Mining Authority (TLBA) was an authority in the Free State of Thuringia from 2002 to the end of 2018. It was the higher state authority for the enforcement of mining law .

Predecessor authority of the Thuringia State Mining Authority was the Thuringian Mining Authority , which is already on the orders of the state government in 1993 built was. This authority was dissolved in 2002 and the Thuringian State Mining Authority was established in its place.

The Thuringian State Mining Office was subordinate to the Thuringian Ministry of Agriculture, Forests, Environment and Nature Conservation . The state mining office had its seat in Gera and a branch in Bad Salzungen . A total of 50 people were employed at both locations. Hartmut Kießling was the director. The State Mining Office was dissolved by the Thuringian Administrative Deformity Act 2018 (ThürVwRG 2018) on January 1, 2019. The legal successor is the Thuringian State Office for the Environment, Mining and Nature Conservation (TLUBN).

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