The New England Journal of Medicine

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The New England Journal of Medicine
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description Trade journal
Area of ​​Expertise medicine
language English
publishing company Massachusetts Medical Society (USA)
First edition 1812
Frequency of publication weekly
Editor-in-chief Eric J. Rubin
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The journal The New England Journal of Medicine (short: New Engl J Med or NEJM ) is one of the most respected medical journals . The journal appears weekly in English and covers all areas of medicine with a certain focus on internal medicine . The NEJM is published by the Massachusetts Medical Society . Throughout its history, this journal has repeatedly published groundbreaking medical papers.

The original articles are at the beginning of each issue. This is followed by a rubric of pictures from medicine. Then there are summary articles that provide an overview of a problem area. All articles are peer-reviewed by expert reviewers before they are published . Furthermore, the journal contains medical case records from the Massachusetts General Hospital , one or more editorials and letters to the editor and, more recently, online additions to the so-called “Videos in Clinical Medicine”, in which procedures frequently used in everyday clinical practice are presented . In addition, a free audio version with a summary of the current issue appears every week.

The abstracts of the original papers are available online for non-subscribers, the full texts only six months after publication, starting from 1990. Subscribers have access to all full texts up to 1990. The online archive of the journal includes all previous volumes from 1989 back to its founding in 1812 and is freely accessible for institutional subscribers, only limited for individual subscribers, and only against payment for non-subscribers. The entire archive up to 1989 includes 8,498 issues with 486,434 pages, 145,969 articles and more than 75,000 images. According to the ISI Web of Knowledge , the impact factor in 2017 was 79,260, which puts the journal in first place in the general and internal medicine category (out of 155 journals).

With around 200,000 copies, the NEJM has the highest circulation of all medical journals. In addition, the online version of the journal reaches around 300,000 to 400,000 readers per week.


In 1812, Massachusetts General Hospital surgeon John Collins Warren founded the quarterly New England Journal of Medicine, Surgery and Collateral Branches of Science . The first article, Remarks on Angina Pectoris , was from Warren. The journal was called the New England Medical Review and Journal for a short time in 1827 . In 1828 the journal was combined with the weekly Boston Medical Intelligencer to form the weekly Boston Medical and Surgical Journal . In 1914 the Journal became the official organ of the Medical Societies of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont. It was finally sold to the Massachusetts Medical Society for one dollar in 1928 and was renamed the New England Journal of Medicine again .

Major publications of the journal include:

  • The first description of ether anesthesia by HJ Bigelow in 1846 : Insensibility during surgical operations produced by inhalation ;
  • A first report by Sidney Farber and colleagues in 1948 on the first successful treatment of the previously incurable leukemia in children: Temporary remissions in acute leukemia in children produced by folic acid antagonist, 4-aminopteroyl-glutamic acid (aminopterin) ;
  • Work on the transport of fats in lipoproteins and disorders of fat metabolism .

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