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A tip (often also tip , according to the English and earlier German spelling) describes advice or useful information today .

A betting slip from 1966

Origin of meaning

Tip was borrowed from the English “tip” (“hint”, “secret information”, “wink”) at the end of the 19th century and was initially used in the field of stock exchanges and horse racing. Since the 20th century, the verb to tap has also generally been used to describe the process of making a prediction in a game of chance .

Insider tip describes information among insiders from a limited group of participants. This can apply to all areas of life. The terms "insider tip", "extra tip" or "insider tip" are often used by magazines and travel guides to advertise supposedly exclusive information. Paradoxically, as a result, they lose their possibly existing status as an “insider tip”. The term "insider tip" is less contradictory when it is understood as "tip from insiders" (and not for insiders).

Other meanings


Was colloquial and is typing as typing referred. Each individual activation of a key is called a fingertip or tip . Dictionaries use the term Tippse as a derogatory term for a stenographer. See also typos and tip-ex .

Card game

Meyer's Großes Konversations-Lexikon from 1905 describes a card game that is supposedly widespread in Germany as typing . The name comes from tapping the cards. It is comparable to the game of chance Lupfen, which is often played in Austria .


The term also refers to strips of paper and cardboard that are used as the mouthpiece of joints . This term is also used in English for tips .

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