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The good advice (original title: Le bon conseil ) by Jean-Baptiste Madou .

A piece of advice , even advice or recommendation , is a mostly non-binding, verbal usually support. It can be done by a close person such as a friend or partner, or an outside person such as a doctor or counselor . Advice is usually not a direct solution to a problem, but rather shows the first step towards a desired result. He also gives hints on possible solutions or summarizes the situation from a different perspective. Occasionally, advice is given in an incomprehensible or encrypted form, e.g. B. through an oracle or as a paradoxical intervention .

Advice can also be found in the form of advice journalism ; so in many magazines (e.g. Guter Rat , often in their own categories ), in special advice books and in special advice programs on television (e.g. ARD advice ).

Non-binding advice in everyday life, e.g. B. the inquiries about the way to the town hall, are not liable for damages according to § 675 Abs. 2 BGB, if they are wrong.

In the Swiss canton of Basel-Stadt , advice refers to a submission by the government council (executive) to the grand council (legislative); In addition to the draft law, it contains statements on its creation, on the results of any consultation procedure and explanations of the individual provisions.


The German word advice originally describes the means that are necessary for subsistence (cf. household items or supplies ). Rates originally meant to mentally lay out something superior, something devise, get together, suggest recommended precaution.

Widely used is the interpretation, in the word of advice put strike , and a piece of advice therefore mean something aggressive. Originally meant advice but beat the advisory circle delineating the circle for a consultation. A council is convened, for example a local council or city ​​council . Such a council is a body that deals with the interests of citizens. One also speaks of advising oneself .

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