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Tirando describes a guitar attack technique . It forms the opposite of the Apoyando plucking technique .

Technology and sound

With the Tirando attack (Spanish from tirar = to pull), also called free attack , the finger moves over the string to be played in such a way that the finger does not come to rest on the next lower string after the attack. With this type of attack, the main movement impulse comes for the most part from the central joint of the striking finger. When changing from Tirando to Apoyando , a change of position of the right hand is necessary. The hand "tips" a little forward. This moves the right wrist a little away from the ceiling and the palm of the hand tilts slightly. The fingers become more curved as a result. Depending on the anatomy of the player, this change is more or less clear. The tones produced with Tirando are quieter and richer in overtones than tones produced with the Apoyando technique .


The Tirando technique is neither faster nor easier than the Apoyando technique. This varies from player to player and has more to do with the preferences and history of the guitarist.