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Titus is the name of a French sounding rocket that was developed in 1966 to observe a total solar eclipse in Argentina .

The Titus was based on the first two stages of the four-stage Berenice rocket . The first stage of the Titus consisted of a Stromboli 739 , supported by four stabilization missiles of the type SEPR P167 . The second stage was a Stromboli SEPR 740-3 . Both stages worked with solid rocket engines . The height of the rocket was 11.5 m, the diameter 0.56 m. With a launch mass of 3.4 t, the Titus could carry a payload of 400 kg.

With the assistance of the Argentine authority Comisión Nacional de Investigaciones Espaciales (CNIE), the only two copies of this rocket were launched on November 12, 1966 from the Las Palmas launch site in the Argentine province of Chaco to observe the solar eclipse that took place on that day. The rockets reached heights of 274 and 270 km, respectively.

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