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The Trim and Fitness International Sport for All Association eV (TAFISA) is an association for popular sport . It has 152 member organizations in over 100 countries. The aim of TAFISA is to encourage more people to participate in popular sports.

The organization was founded in September 1991 in Bordeaux . The association and the office have been based in Frankfurt am Main since 2005 .



TAFISA is managed by a twelve-person board. The board is elected by the general assembly for a period of four years. The last election was in 2005. The members of the board of directors are the president, at least three vice-presidents, a treasurer, a general secretary and up to six other members. Two board members must be female and each continent must be represented on the board. A representative from the host country for the next TAFISA World Congress is approved as an additional board member for two years. In addition, the board of directors has the privilege to appoint further representatives for special tasks as well as consultants without voting rights.

In 2005, the Korean Shang-Hi Rhee replaced founding president Jürgen Palm , who was named honorary president when he left. General Secretary is Wolfgang Baumann .


Members are national sports organizations , national Olympic committees , ministries, national grassroots sports organizations and sports councils. TAFISA has over 150 member organizations from over 100 countries on all continents. 34 of the countries are from Europe, 24 from Asia, 21 from Africa, 17 from America and 5 from Oceania.


The association maintains partnerships with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), UNESCO and the WHO ( World Health Organization ).

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