Truncus brachiocephalicus

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Human heart and main vessels: the brachiocephalic trunk is the first strong branch from the aortic arch, which from this perspective runs behind the inomminata vein and the dextra inferior thyroid vein .

The brachiocephalic trunk ( Latinized from ancient Greek Βραχιοκεφαλικός "arm-head-vascular trunk"); historically also Arteria innominata ("unnamed artery"), with Vesal Truncus ascendens aortae ("ascending trunk from the aorta") - is the common vascular trunk of the arteria subclavia ( subclavian artery ) and the arteria carotis communis (common carotid artery), which comes from the aortic arch emerges. In most people, this trunk only exists on the right, while the subclavian artery and the common carotid artery arise separately from one another. However, there are many individual variants that are usually without disease value. The arteria lusoria can be an exception .

Heart of a dog: the brachiocephalic trunk is numbered 8