Chapayev (game)

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Chapayev ( Russian Чапаев ) is a mainly in the former Soviet Union known skill - board game for two players. The game is named after Vasily Ivanovich Chapayev , a commander of the Red Army during the Russian Civil War .

Rules of the game

Chapayev is usually played on a checkers board, as well as with checkers, the so-called Schaschki (checkers). The field division is only relevant for setting up the figures.

At the beginning of the game, the players place eight stones on two opposite sides of the game board (or ten in the case of large game boards) side by side in a row. The beginning player tries to snap one of his own stones with his index finger so that he pushes one or more stones of the opponent off the field, but without losing his own stones. If this is successful, he may snap again, otherwise it is the opponent's turn. A round (“battle”) is over when a player runs out of stones on the field. Whoever has stones left wins.

The stones are collected after each round and set up again. If there was a winner, he may move his stones one row further and, if necessary, push the opponent's stones back one row. The aim of the game is to cross the entire playing field in this way.

In addition, it is generally not allowed to turn the field of play or leave your position if, for example, it would be easier to snap from another side. If a stone lands on the edge of the playing field, it is lifted to check whether it is still in play or not. There are also some special techniques, such as "scissors": if there is an opposing stone between two of your own, you can push these two together quickly in order to catapult the stone between them from the playing field.


In a variation of the game, the players do not advance with their stones, but instead start from the first row in each round, whereby the stones are stacked on top of one another in a strategically advantageous manner.

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