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Vasily Ivanovich Tschapajew (before 1919)

Vasily Chapayev ( Russian Василий Иванович Чапаев * January 28 jul. / 9. February  1887 greg. In Budaika, Ujesd Cheboksary , Kazan province , Russian Empire ; † 5. September 1919 in Lbischtschensk today Chapayev , Kazakhstan ) was a commander of the Red Army during the Russian Civil War .


Soviet 1 ruble postage stamp for the 20th anniversary of the Red Army (1918–1938) in honor of Chapayev

Chapayev was born into a poor farming family in the village of Budaika. Today the place belongs to the city of Cheboksary. In 1908 he was drafted into the tsarist army . With the beginning of the First World War he was called up for military service as part of the general mobilization . He served in the 326th Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Infantry Division. Chapayev was wounded once, received three St. George's Crosses for special bravery and completed his training command in July 1915 with the grade of subordinate sergeant. In October of the same year he was promoted to the rank of higher non-commissioned officer. In September 1917 he joined the RSDLP , the forerunner of the Communist Party .

After the October Revolution he was elected commander of the 138th Infantry Regiment in December 1917 and was later given command of the 2nd Nikolayevsk Division and the 25th Rifle Division. Since January 1918 he was the Commissioner for Internal Affairs in Nikolayevsk District (today Saratov Oblast ). From November 1918 to January 1919 he studied at the Academy of the General Staff and at his own request went to the front of the Russian Civil War .

Under his leadership, the Red Army displaced Admiral Kolchak's troops from the cities of Ufa (June 9, 1919), Uralsk (July 11, 1919), Buguruslan and Belebei in the summer of 1919 .

Chapayev died on September 5, 1919 in the fighting for the southern Russian city of Lbishchensk. This city was later renamed Chapayev and is now part of Kazakhstan.

Role in Russian culture

In 1923, the Russian writer Furmanov , a former commissioner in Chapayev's division, wrote a novel about Chapayev of the same name. In 1934, the Vasiliev brothers shot the film Chapayev based on the novel, which became very popular in the Soviet Union .

In 1996 Viktor Pelewin's novel Tschapajew und Pustota (also translatable as "Tschapajew und die Void"; published in Germany in 1999 as Buddha's little finger ) was published, in which Tschapajew plays a central role in various historical and cultural references. Tschapajew's death is described in the song of the same name by W. Solowjow-Sedoi (music) and Z. Alexandrowa (text). There is also a multi-part adventure game in Russia.

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