Forgery of documents

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Microcosm examination under incident light. Zollkriminalinstitut, Cologne, 1961

The forgery (colloquially document forgery ) is a crime that is found in various jurisdictions criminalized. The term forgery of documents is associated with actions that manipulate the evidential value of documents . This includes the creation of a false document, the falsification of a genuine document and the use of a false or falsified document.

Historical examples of significant forgery of documents are the Donation of Constantine , the Golden Handfeste of Bern and the Privilegium maius . Today, forensic documents , in particular chemical examinations, physical-technical processes and comparison of written documents, can be proven for falsifications .

In the German-speaking countries the criminal offense is regulated in Germany by § 267 StGB , in Switzerland by Art. 251 StGB and in Austria by § 223 StGB .

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