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The document roll continuously documents the official activities of a notary .

Every notary in the Federal Republic of Germany is obliged to keep a record of documents. This results from the Service Regulations for Notaries (DONot), a nationwide administrative decree of the respective state judicial administration.

Section 8 (1) DONotO specifies which official activities are to be entered in the document roll. This includes - among other things - at least "normal" notarial notarizations (Section 8 (1) No. 1 DONotO in conjunction with Section 8 BeurkG ). B. are required for a property purchase agreement ( Section 311b, Paragraph 1, Clause 1, Section 128 of the German Civil Code ).

In practice, the document roll number for a notary has the function of a file number . This should always be stated in documents.

Purchase contract between parties , document roll number 39/04 of the notary Müller in Essen.

The purchase contract is therefore the 39th official business that is subject to registration and was carried out by Notary Müller from Essen in 2004.

The name and registered office of the notary must appear on the roll of documents.

The document roll itself consists of a total of five columns with the following information:

  • Column 1: Document roll number. This is awarded continuously.
  • Column 2: Date of certification.
  • Column 2a: place of certification.
  • Column 3: Names and addresses of those involved and, if applicable, the representatives.
  • Column 4: Content of the certification. The content should be described as precisely as possible.
  • Column 5: Comments. So-called cross-references are entered here, for example, if one document relates to another. There is a correlation between the sales contract and a later separately notarized conveyance .

In addition, it must be entered in the document roll if a notary's representative has been appointed.

In addition to the document role, the notary also keeps a register of inheritance contracts. In this it is noted when an inheritance contract was given in official custody at the district court .


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