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VTAM ( engl. V irtual T elecommunications A ccess M ethod) is a product of IBM . It is one of the two known implementations of a so-called SSCP ( Engl. Is System Services Control Point) or Physical Unit Type 5 (PU Type 5). This SSCP is the highest hierarchic or central network nodes within the SNA ( Engl. Systems Network Architecture). The second implementation of a TCAM is SSCP ( engl. T ele C ommunications A ccess M ethod), which can be considered a precursor of the VTAM.

VTAM provides u. a. a programming interface (API) that implements functions for communication with devices for remote data transmission and their users . It was developed in the 1970s .

VTAM made it possible for programmers for the first time to treat the devices as a "logical unit" and to control them without detailed knowledge of the hardware of the individual devices or the protocols used . Before VTAM was developed , BTAM , the Basic Telecommunications Access Method, was used.