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A user (also called end-user , user , operator or simply user for short ) is a person who uses an auxiliary or work item to achieve a benefit . The customers of an institution under public law are also called users.

electronic data processing

In electronic data processing , the term stands for a person who uses a computer ( English user ). Administratively, a user account can be maintained for users with which z. B. the authentication performed and the authorization to exercise certain functions / programs can be determined (and secured). As part of the user administration , users can be grouped together using common user roles and user groups. A user interface enables a user to interact with a device, machine, computer, thing, etc.

User vs. user

The terms “user” and “user” are mostly used synonymously. In the context of computers / software , they are sometimes used with different meanings:

  • User: People or groups of people who use a data processing system to perform their tasks and [...] are in direct contact with the system .
  • User: Organizations or institutions that are responsible for the acquisition and operation of the system or software (selection, license, installation).

Example: A company that uses a computer or certain software to manage a warehouse is a user in this role . The warehouse workers assigned to operate the inventory management system are users .

Institute of public right

Institutions under public law (such as public broadcasters or universities ) do not legally have customers, but users, which include citizens , companies or authorities . Corporations under public law, on the other hand, have members , sometimes even mandatory members .

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