Vera (sensor system)

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Vera-NG (by the same company: Era)

Vera is the name of a passive radar system from the Czech company Era . The range is given as 450 km. The system was named in honor of the longtime head of the Czech air traffic control, Colonel Vera Perlingerová (1931-2018). According to the manufacturer, flight targets with stealth properties can also be recorded and tracked. According to the manufacturer, the passive search method can be used to record the reflection of electromagnetic radiation from a stealth fighter aircraft at a distance of 20 to 200 kilometers. Normal fighter planes and bombers can be located at a distance of up to 450 kilometers.

A predecessor of the Vera system is the Tamara radar reconnaissance system from the 1980s.


  • VERA-AP: civil version for air traffic control
  • VERA-E: Export name of the military ESM version
  • VERA-S / M: Name of the mobile military version
  • VERA-P3D: civil version for tracking transponder-supported airfield vehicle location

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