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Tesla as
legal form as
founding January 18, 1921
Seat Prague , Czech Republic
Website www.tesla.cz

Lead glazing with logo advertising Tesla Radio in Světozor Passage in Prague (with AC wave and spark star)

Tesla (in relation to Nikola Tesla , also as the backronym Te chnika sla boproudá, German for "low voltage technology") was a large state-owned association of electronics manufacturers in Czechoslovakia from 1946 .

What is left of this today is a trademark and name components of existing companies in Slovakia and the Czech Republic .


The company was founded on January 18, 1921 as Elektra . Between 1932 and 1945 it belonged to Philips . After the Second World War, it became a state-owned group of electronics companies, which since March 7, 1946, under the name TESLA, primarily supplied the Eastern Bloc in the areas of radio and radar technology . Non-socialist export countries were, for example, Syria and Egypt.

The passive radar division was spun off in 1994 as ERA as .

In 2007 TESLA was awarded to an Irish investor and in 2012 it was bought back by the Czech management.

In a dispute with the US electric car manufacturer Tesla, Inc. , rights of use were granted to the brand in 2010.


In addition to systems and large devices, TESLA's product range also included electronic components, loudspeakers, telephones and consumer electronics ( entertainment electronics ) such as radios, tape recorders and televisions.

In 1945 the production of light bulbs, electron tubes and radios began. Tesla light bulbs found their way to Austria and Germany as promotional items from 1980/2000.

From the beginning of the 1980s, the construction of various integrated circuits began , such as the MHB8080A , a clone of the 8080 microprocessor from Intel , which is built into the MAŤO home computer manufactured between 1989 and 1992 , and the MH3212 , a replica of the Intel-I / O chip 8212 , which was used in the IQ 151 for example.

In the German-speaking area, TESLA products were known almost exclusively in the GDR , as they were often not competitive on the world market. In the Comecon area , however, TESLA had a monopoly on some products.

TESLA also produced air traffic control radars on a larger scale , mostly initially as a license production of a Soviet predecessor with subsequent in-house development. These radar devices were used in the entire RGW and are partly still in operation due to their robust mechanics and have only been subject to extensive modernization with a switch from tube to semiconductor technology. This part of the production was divided into several small companies, which are still on the market in this business area.

Tesla also produced the passive radars KOPÁČ, Ramona and Tamara for military purposes.


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