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A verbal noun is a noun formed from a verb .

Types of verbal nouns

  • Verbal noun : A verbal noun that describes the event in question as a substantiated event, e.g. B. Raining .
  • Noun actionis: A verbal noun that describes the event (actions, processes) in question as a thing , e.g. B. the raining .
  • Noun acti / resultatis: a verbal noun that denotes the result of an action, e.g. B. the break .
  • Noun agentis : a verbal noun that denotes the perpetrator of the act, e.g. B. the magician .
  • Noun patientis: A verbal noun that denotes the object or the undergoer of an action, e.g. B. the fitting
  • Verbal abstract : a verbal noun that is an abstract , e.g. B. Hope .
  • Noun instrumenti: a verbal noun denoting the instrument with which the action is performed, e.g. B. the stirrer .
  • Noun loci: A verbal noun that denotes the place where the action takes place, e.g. B. the seat .
  • Noun qualitatis: A verbal noun in which the action embodies the property of the object, e.g. B. the permeability (in German not directly from verbs, but only through the intermediate step of forming a deverbal adjective).


German examples

Separation of separate , spaced from projecting , intention of dispense , jostling of jostling , slip of slip .

Latin examples

actio from agere / actum , usus from uti / usum . The gerund is also a verbal noun, example: venia legendi permission to (m) read.

Arabic examples

  • In Arabic grammar, the verbal noun is used as Masdar ( Arabic مصدر) designated. Example: كتابة kitābatun "the writing". Verbal nouns can be used in the sentence instead of a conjugated verb and are more common in written than spoken Arabic. The meaning of the sentence remains the same:


  • .أريد الكتابة - urīdu l-kitāba (ta). - I want to write.
  • .أريد أن أكتب - urīdu ʾan aktuba. - I want to write.

The formation of verbal nouns is based on a fixed scheme, down to the basic stem. H. For the stems II - X there are certain patterns according to which the respective verbal noun (with a few exceptions) can be derived:

  • II. Tribe tafʿīl تفعيل
  • III. Tribe mufāʿala / fiʿāl فعال / مفاعلة
  • IV. Tribe ifʿāl إفعال
  • V. tribe tafaʿʿul تفعل
  • VI. Tribe tafāʿul تفاعل
  • VII. Tribe infiʿāl انفعال
  • VIII. Tribe iftiʿal افتعال
  • IX. Stem ifʿilāl افعلال
  • X. tribe istifʿāl استفعال

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