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A worship is a respectful form of love . Comparable terms are “esteem (connected with love)” or “admiration”. In these contexts, an admirer is an “admirer”, but also a “lover”.

The term cult can also be paraphrased with reverence . To this extent, veneration is also the rendering of cultic honors. Therefore, worship can be found as a word component in numerous compositions (compound words) in the cultic and religious context:

  • Ancestor worship , a ritual worship in which dead ancestors are worshiped
  • Image worship , a religious pictorial representation and the associated worship of these images
  • Adoration of saints , the adoration of individual people who are believed to have been called to holiness
  • Marian veneration , the veneration of Mary as the mother of Jesus Christ
  • Relic worship, worship of a part of the body or part of the personal property of a saint
  • Adoration of the dead , the esteem or adoration of the deceased

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