Constitutional crisis

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A constitutional crisis is a mostly politically motivated dispute between constitutional bodies about their competencies or processes that are not adequately regulated by the constitution . It differs from an insurrection in which the legitimacy of the state is called into question by groups not mentioned in the constitution. A constitutional crisis can lead to anything from the temporary restriction of the ability to govern to a civil war.

Constitutional crisis in the Federal Republic of Germany

Following the vote on the Immigration Act in the Bundesrat on March 22, 2002, there was a dispute over the voice of the state of Brandenburg . The Federal Council's vote, after which the Federal Council President declared the law to be adopted, was declared invalid by the Federal Constitutional Court . A revised form of the law came into force on January 1, 2005.

Constitutional crisis in the European Union

The Italian politician Rocco Buttiglione , proposed as EU Justice Commissioner to the EU Commission in office from November 2004, was historically the first Commissioner-designate to be rejected by a committee of the EU Parliament. Parliament can either reject or accept the entire commission, but cannot reject individual candidates.

Constitutional crises in the United States of America

  • The secession of the southern states led to the American Civil War.
  • The 1972–74 Watergate affair led to the resignation of then President Richard Nixon.

Constitutional crisis in Russia

  • The 1993 Russian constitutional crisis began on September 21, when President Boris Yeltsin dissolved parliament to implement market-economy reforms. With military support for the president, the looming popular uprising was put down after ten days. In a subsequent referendum, the president was granted extensive rights.

Constitutional crisis in Australia

Constitutional crisis in Poland

The Polish constitutional crisis began in 2015 with the double appointment of five constitutional judges each by the 7th and 8th legislative periods of the Polish parliament . As a result, the PiS- dominated Sejm passed six laws on the functioning of the Constitutional Court between November 2015 and December 2016 . The crisis was a reason for the protest movement Committee for the Defense of Democracy ( Polish : Komitet Obrony Demokracji ).