Traffic history sheets

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Traffic history sheets

Area of ​​Expertise Rail transport, railway history
language German
publishing company Verein Verkehrsgeschichtliche Blätter e. V., Berlin (Germany)
First edition 1974
Frequency of publication bi-monthly
Editor-in-chief Michael Günther
editor Verein Verkehrsgeschichtliche Blätter e. V.
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The Verkehrsgeschichtliche Blätter , subtitle: Information for Friends of Transport History, is a German magazine on the history of rail transport. The editor-in-chief is Michael Günther. It appears every two months. The magazine is run by the association Verkehrsgeschichtliche Blätter e. V. with headquarters in Berlin , the chairman of which is the author Wolf-Dietger Machel .

The main focus is on railways in the Berlin / Brandenburg area and local public transport in the Berlin area. It is primarily about historical aspects.

The magazine has been published since 1974. It emerged from an internal newsletter of the Transport History Working Group of the German Model Railway Association (DMV) of the GDR . Due to the press law provisions of the GDR, the paper was initially not allowed to appear publicly, but was provided with a note that it was only intended for internal use within the DMV. Nevertheless, the magazine also found readers beyond that. In 1984 the Verkehrsgeschichtliche Blätter was added to the GDR 's press directory and has since appeared formally in public. In addition to the magazine, which appeared at irregular intervals around seven to eight times a year, several special brochures Verkehrsgeschichtliche Blätter Extra were published, which dealt with individual topics.

The paper survived the political changes in the GDR and reunification and has been run by the Association of Verkehrsgeschichtliche Blätter e. V. publish and publish. The authors work on a voluntary basis.

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