Treaty of Qasr-e Shirin

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The Treaty of Qasr-e Shirin or the Treaty of Zuhab was signed on May 17, 1639 between the Safavids and the Ottomans . Except for a few details, it forms the border between Iran and the successor states of the Ottoman Empire Turkey and Iraq . The treaty ended 150 years of sporadic wars between the two states over territorial conflicts.

In this long battle of strength, the Ottoman Sultan Murad IV was able to conquer large areas of the Safavid Empire. These included Yerevan , Tabriz and, in 1638, Baghdad . Thereupon a contract between Murad IV and Safi I was negotiated. Qasr-e Shirin is located in what is now the Iranian province of Kermanshah .

The treaty awarded Yerevan in the southern Caucasus to Iran, while all of Mesopotamia, including Baghdad, fell to the Ottomans. Even so, the border disputes between Iran and the Ottoman Empire did not end. Between 1555 and 1918, no fewer than 18 treaties on border conflicts were signed. The exact demarcation of the border according to this treaty could not be started until the 19th century.

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