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Vesre (from revés = reverse) is a word game popular in Buenos Aires . Syllables are swapped in their order and new artificial words are created.

This play on words is part of the colloquial language of the porteños (literally port people; today residents of Buenos Aires), which is shaped by the Lunfardo . This sociolect emerged as a secret language within the prisons and the underground environment of Buenos Aires at the beginning of the 20th century, the expressions of which later found their way into the everyday language of the middle class. Due to the importance of the capital for the entire country, individual terms are also used in the standard language of Argentina. Today the lunfardo is mainly used in tango .


  • café → feca (coffee)
  • calor → lorca (heat)
  • papel → pelpa (paper)
  • patron → trompa (boss, master)
  • peso → sope
  • revés → vesre (reversed)


The corresponding way of twisting syllables is also known in colloquial French, where it is called Verlan .