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viXra is an electronic e-print archive that was set up by the physicist Phil Gibbs to create an alternative to the dominant portal arXiv , which is operated by Cornell University .


ViXra covers scientific and mathematical topics and is open to everyone. It accepts submitted articles without their authors having an academic connection or the articles themselves being subject to a quality check. The e-prints on viXra are divided into seven main categories: Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Studia Humanitatis and Others.

Gibbs' original motivation for establishing the archive was to provide for those researchers who believed their manuscripts had been unfairly rejected or demoted by the arXiv moderators.

One study found large differences between articles at arXiv and viXra. Articles at viXra are published much less often in specialist journals , are given less often as a source and have significantly more self-references.


One criticism of ViXra is that the site tries to imitate arXiv. In this context, it is spoken of an evil twin ("bad twin"). Other critics maintain that the works published there are of little relevance.

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