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arXiv .org (called " The Archive ") is a document server for preprints from the fields of physics , mathematics , computer science , statistics , financial mathematics and biology . ArXiv is pronounced as " archive " (English), where the X stands for the Greek χ .


Even before the advent of the World Wide Web , Paul Ginsparg began archiving physics articles in 1991 at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). Its server should be used by physicists to quickly exchange preprints . The other disciplines were gradually added. Within the next ten years, developed into a highly frequented platform. The archive is currently operated at Cornell University and mirrored worldwide .

In 2006, the mathematician Grigori Perelman was awarded the Fields Medal for proving the Poincaré conjecture , which was published exclusively on arXiv and not - as usual - in a specialist journal .

On August 3, 2008, reached the 500,000 item mark. In December 2014, the number of articles exceeded one million. By 2020, the rate of documents submitted rose to over 12,000 per month and around 1.7 million publications in total. Excluding the mirror servers, around 25 million publications are downloaded per month.

Due to the speed of the Internet medium , publications are increasingly read online on arXiv instead of in the relevant print publications . In 2020 Eleonora Presani became the first "Executive director". The first parts of the Next Gen arXiv (arXiv-NG) project are also planned for 2020.


Articles are published on arXiv without the peer review usual for scientific publications . Nonetheless, submitted articles are checked by an expert in the respective field for scientific relevance and compliance with formal standards and, if necessary, rejected. In addition, since 2004 it has only been possible to store articles on the system if this is approved by an established author ( endorsement ) or if a computer from a trustworthy domain is used. This hurdle became necessary in order to avoid spam or gross violations of the rules of scientific publishing. The maintenance costs for arXiv are a burden for Cornell University Library due to budget cuts. Therefore, in January 2010, it asked those institutions whose scientists download arXiv documents intensively for voluntary financial support. Since then, Arxiv has received regular financial support, e.g. B. by German science organizations, which are then named together with Cornell University in the header area of ​​the arxiv pages. This concept of fundraising from interested users enables the continued application of the open access principle: readers and authors can continue to use the document storage on arXiv free of charge.

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