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BioRxiv (English spoken: Bio-Archive ) is a preprint server for the life sciences that started operations at the end of 2013. The website is operated at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) in New York State. According to a report by Science-Insider, the news service of Science magazine , the project had a promising start. The preprint server is to become a project analogous to the preprint server , which as a preprint server, especially for physics and mathematics, has played a leading role in publications in its areas since its foundation. In the first year BioRxiv received 824 manuscripts, with the number of manuscripts increasing slightly. The main maintainers of the server are the molecular biologists John Inglis and Richard Sever of the CSHL. John Inglis is the head of CSHL Press, the laboratory's own publishing house.

25% of the scientific papers published in BioRxiv by 2014 have later appeared in peer-reviewed journals. The work encompasses around 25 disciplines, such as cell biology, cancer research and neuroscience. The publications have appeared in a total of 95 different journals. Since BioRxiv was founded, several scientific journals have stated that publication on a preprint server does not prevent publication in their journal later.

Scientific Advisory Board

The scientific advisory board of the BioRxiv (Advisory Board) consists of:

  • Anurag Acharya (Google)
  • Rick Anderson (University of Utah)
  • Jonathan Eisen (UC Davis)
  • Paul Ginsparg (Cornell and arXiv)
  • Eric Green (Bethesda)
  • Hopi Hoekstra (Harvard)
  • Leonid Kruglyak (UCLA and HHMI)
  • Frank Norman (MRC NIMR)
  • Bernd Pulverer (EMBO)
  • John Sack (Stanford)
  • Sandra Schmid (UT Southwestern)
  • Pamela Silver (Harvard)
  • Leslie Vosshall (Rockefeller University)
  • Fiona Watt (King's College London)
  • Mike Wigler (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)

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