Vipsania Agrippina

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Vipsania Agrippina.

Vipsania Agrippina (* 33 BC; † around 20 AD) was the first wife of the emperor Tiberius .

She was the daughter of Augustus ' confidante Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa and his first wife Pomponia Caecilia Attica and granddaughter of Titus Pomponius Atticus . As a baby she was betrothed to Augustus' stepson, later Emperor Tiberius, whom she was married to in 16 BC. Married. 15 BC She gave birth to the son Drusus .

12 BC Her father died, whom Augustus had designated as his successor. Although the marriage was happy, Vipsania and Tiberius were divorced a little later at the instigation of the emperor, as Tiberius had to marry Agrippa's widow, Augustus' daughter Iulia , also step-sister of Tiberius and Vipsania's stepmother.

In the same year Vipsania married Gaius Asinius Gallus , the son of the speaker and historian Gaius Asinius Pollio . With him she had several sons, including Gaius Asinius Pollio , who was consul in 23 AD.

Tiberius loved Vipsania even after the divorce and remained jealous of Gallus. Even after Vipsania's death, Gallus and Tiberius were hostile. In 30 AD Tiberius finally sentenced Gallus to death. He was not executed, however, but remained in custody, where he starved to death in AD 33.