Vivarium (magazine)

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description international scientific journal
Area of ​​Expertise Philosophy; Intellectual history; Latin literature; History of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
language Multilingual, (mainly, English)
publishing company Brill ( NL )
First edition 1963
Frequency of publication quarterly
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Vivarium is an international scientific journal devoted to the study of philosophy and the intellectual history of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. It is subtitled An International Journal for the Philosophy and Intellectual Life of the Middle Ages and Renaissance . The magazine was founded in 1963 by Lambertus M. de Rijk and Cornelia J. de Vogel and has been published by Brill Verlag in Leiden , the Netherlands , from the very beginning . While the first volumes came out with one issue per year, the magazine now appears quarterly with four issues per year. Although articles in other languages ​​have sometimes been included, the magazine now publishes almost exclusively in English.

The editor has been with Lodi Nauta, Professor of History of Philosophy at the University of Groningen, since 2007 .

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