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The suggestion search (or also: search completion) is a variant of the search function of computer programs. Possible completions or occurrences are already displayed when typing the search term .

The comparison of typed search queries and the database of completions can be differently flexible and differently intelligent. In terms of flexibility, you can roughly distinguish whether suggestions always complete to the right or to the left. Most search completion programs operate without taking the semantics of the documents into account, ie they also suggest completions that contain two words that are not related in terms of content and that just happen to appear next to each other in the documents. Novel semantic search suggestions in the context of meaning-oriented search engines, on the other hand, ensure that the terms in the search completion are also related to their content. Words that are far apart can also be combined to form a search suggestion if the context z. B. could be proven by automatic language processing .

An example of a simple suggestion search is the search function of the Firefox browser , in which a suitable reference is displayed with every letter typed in. The suggestion search is also used with Google Suggest . Suggestion search functions on websites use AJAX technology - in this way, data can be exchanged with the service provider without having to reload the page.