Opening credits (hockey)

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Indoor hockey stick

Indoor hockey stick

Leader of an
indoor hockey stick

The leader of a hockey stick describes its curvature which is inclined inwards on the flat side.

While hockey sticks were traditionally made of wood and therefore have no or only a very slight curvature, modern sticks made from composite materials allow a free choice of shape.

With the appropriate opening credits, it is easier for a player to hang up the ball and accelerate it more strongly by throwing it. This so-called drawn ball has been used in particular for a penalty corner since hit balls with a height of more than 45 cm were banned in 1992. The disadvantage of the leader is that it makes ball control more difficult, especially when stopping.

The extent of the maximum allowable opening credits was controversially discussed. The opening credits are currently limited to 2.5 cm. In addition, it is not allowed to change the club before a penalty corner if it is not defective.