Walter Baz-Dölle

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Walter Bäz-Dölle (* 1935 in Lauscha ) is a German art glass blower, glass designer and glass artist.


After attending school, Walter Bäz-Dölle completed an apprenticeship as an apparatus blower from 1948 to 1950. He then worked in his father's glassblower workshop and until 1974 as an art glassblower in the VEB color glass factory in Lauscha. Since then he has been working as a freelancer in Lauscha.

In 1973 Waler Bäz-Dölle graduated from the technical college for applied arts in Schneeberg (Ore Mountains) as a glass designer. The following year he was recognized as an artist in the GDR's state-owned industry and accepted into the GDR's Association of Visual Artists .

Since 1973 he has taken part in numerous art exhibitions at home and abroad with his works. His works are exhibited in various museums, including the Museum for Glass Art Lauscha .


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