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Wall closet (literal translation of the English term closet ), sometimes also built-in closet , is a misleading term in German-speaking countries for a relatively small room that is assigned to a higher-level room as usable area. This is used to store items such as household items. In contrast to a piece of furniture, however, it is a fixed and immobile component of a house or apartment, for example, and is enclosed on the sides by walls. Often, residual areas or niches are used for these rooms that cannot be used otherwise within a floor plan or that were planned directly for this. The term "walk-in closet", which is occasionally used, describes the actual function more precisely, as the term wall cabinet in German-speaking countries sometimes also describes a piece of furniture that is hung on a wall and has no connection to the floor (more precisely: "wall cabinet ").

Wall cabinets in the sense of the German translation of the English term can have different sizes and shapes. A precise demarcation to niche or a chamber , but also to cupboards in the narrower sense, as well as wall niches that serve as fold-away beds and which are referred to as alcoves , is that closets always have a door that resembles a room door. The well-known from the United States walk-in closet ( English walk-in closet ) is increasingly used in Germany, the transition to traditional dressing is smooth. In the United States, these types of closets ; H. Wall cupboards standard, especially in bedrooms; Wardrobes are not very common there. Because the walk-in-closets in the USA are independent rooms, the users of the living space often place a chest of drawers in them as a supplement .

In Germany the different call state building codes Although storage rooms that need to be assigned an apartment, but can also outside, for example in the cellar lie. In some building regulations, however, a partial storage area is expressly required within the apartment: The small spaces created in this context, for example 1 m², can also be viewed as wall cupboards in the sense of the English closet .

In Germany, an ancillary closet room may generally not be used as a living room or bedroom, as building and fire protection regulations require two separate entrances (there must be an openable window or a second door in addition to the door), or the entrance to the room must be unlockable (no door, but open passage).

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